#HowIGotTheShot - Dark Glam & Beauty with Colour Gels

This is the first - of what I hope will be many more - BTS videos showcasing my photography. I'm always found behind the camera and not in front, so this is definitely outside my comfort zone. I hope that you can take something good away from this video and have it inspire you. For this #HowIGotTheShot video, I'm using colour gels (in blue and red) on strobes to create metallic-looking dark glam looks and one beauty look. Regardless of what gear you own or rent, being able to achieve these looks is fairly simple - you just have to step outside the box and get creative! I couldn't have done this photoshoot without the great team involved - check them out in the credits and give them a follow. A special thanks go out to Broncolor (Canada), Tether Tools, and Studio311 for their support with this project.

In The 6ix - Toronto Men's Fashion Photoshoot

During early 2016, I came up with a concept to showcase the beautiful iconic landmarks of Toronto - my beloved city. The premise was simple: I would seek talented creatives (hair stylist, make-up artist, videographer, drone videographer, designer, etc) and scout some of the most recognizable locations across Toronto. With the popularity of the term "6ix" describing Toronto - in way of the area code 416, the concept came to be - 6 models (regular people), shot in 6 days, at 6 locations. This project couldn't have been achieved without the work and assistance of some talented individuals, so be sure to check them out in the credits and give them a follow.