Kaitlin Brittany | An Undiscovered Beauty

As of late I've been working alongside Liliana, an incredible hair / make-up artist of Liliana Makeup Artistry. We just met two years ago on a bridal beauty-hair project in my old studio and we have been collaborating ever since then. When working on projects, our goals are to push our boundaries creatively and expand on our technical abilities - case in point, our recent photoshoot with Toronto model Kaitlin Brittany.

Kaitlin is a young beauty who has only been modeling for roughly a year. For the first look I wanted to showcase her stunning facial features in way of a beauty shot. For this set, the make-up artist kept things soft and subdued for a fresh-face appeal. It may not be the conventional beauty shot of a tight crop, but I love the mood evoked by her eyes and the serene expression on her face.

The second look was focused around a raw fashion feel done with some plum-coloured leggings and a white wrinkled camisole. To complete the look her hair let loose, a slightly dark eye shadow applied to frame Kaitlin's gorgeous tea-coloured eyes, and we added a touch of red-purple lipstick to finish things off. This set was a shot mostly in a candid style and done entirely with the natural light spilling in from the south-facing windows of the studio.

The final set with Kaitlin was inspired by Peter Coulson's famous B&W work. In order to achieve this desired look, the mood has to be soft and alluring - which is always easier said than done. Kaitlin's ability to focus and get "in the zone" is something which is rarely seen amongst young talents. Pushing my boundaries as a studio photographer, I decided to once again put my strobes aside and shoot with only natural light.

Kaitlin was a pleasure to work with and I am confident in saying that she will be going places in the modeling world - so keep your eyes out for her!

Photo Credits / Specs:

© 2016 Giancarlo Pawelec | PAWELECphoto
Model: Kaitlin Brittany
MUA / Hair: Liliana Athena | Liliana Makeup Artistry
Location: Studio 311

Camera: Canon 1Dx
Lens: Canon 70-200mm f/2.8L IS, Canon 50mm f/1.2L
Lighting: Speedotron Black Line with Octabox and Silver Reflector (1), Natural Light (2&3)