New Studio, New Goals, and A New PAWELECphoto!

2015 has been a year of awakening for me, both personally and professionally. I recently turned 33, got involved with two different charities, shifted my focus in business, gained some new creative clients, and honed my craft even more as a photographer. As the year comes to a close, I decided to put together a collection (in no particular order) of my favourite images taken this year and reflect on the experience that each moment brought me. I hope you enjoy them!

Nothing beats this hard-loft look, south-facing windows, and views of downtown Toronto from Studio 311!

The biggest change thus far is that of my studio's relocation. After being in Vaughan for three years, I decided to source a new commercial space for my studio that was not only closer to my home (as driving to Vaughan everyday in traffic was brutal), but also closer to clients - existing and prospective. As if it were a sign from above, I stumbled upon a space that was everything I wanted - conveniently located in downtown Toronto, hard-style loft look (in a century old building), and south-facing windows that provide tons of natural light. I also decided to rename the studio from PAWELECphoto Studio to that of Studio 311, complete with its own dedicated website and @Studio311_ca Twitter account. The studio is available for rentals to photographers and videographers, so if interested be sure to check out the site.

My new intern-assistant named Ria and yes I know, she shoots with a Nikon... eeew!

By the second week of January, I added an addition to the #PAWELECphoto team - her name is Ria. I made a post about my new Intern-Assistant Ria and so far it has been a great experience having her around. Not only do I get the chance to mentor a new young talent (even though she shoots Nikon - gasp!), but I also get help with the studio in way of setups and general admin work. She'll be writing a weekly blog (posted on Wednesdays) about her learning experience as she's got 12-weeks with me in Studio 311.

Some of the things that I'm focusing on this year photographically speaking is that of portrait work, in particular headshots as well as beauty and fashion work. My new studio space is perfect for headshots of corporate executives, like that of The Newton Group, or actors/dancers, like the stunningly gorgeous Penelope. As of late, I've had a yearning to shoot more beauty and fashion, as well as collaborating with unique talents on creative projects. My main objective this year is to broaden my clientele, while expanding my creative and artistic capabilities.

My intention is to produce bi-weekly blog posts - so bear with me. On Mondays, the blog will focus on my photography and experiences in the studio, while Fridays' posts will be about thing that inspire me. Thank you for reading and the support of my photographic art!

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